2018 Award Winners

  • Davionne Needom

    My name is Davionne Needom. I was raised in Chicago, but moved to a suburb south of Dallas right before high school. I am a sophomore accounting major at the University of Texas at Austin. Some of my passions include assisting others along their journey to success and ensuring young people that their opportunities are limitless. As a result of this, I have hosted several workshops at my alma mater to aid high school students with college essays, scholarships, and more as they prepare to embark on their senior year....Learn More

  • Treyshun Johnson

    When I was younger, I was often doubted on my capabilities. I was told that I wasn’t going to amount to anything. As time passed, I used the doubts I was confronted with as an opportunity to internally motivate me to excel. I am determined to make a lasting impact and legacy. Now I am a current student at ACC, and I will be transferring to UT Arlington to achieve my bachelors degree. I’m a part of many great organizations and more to come in my future....Learn More

  • Adraint Bereal

    My name is Adraint Bereal, and I am a sophomore design major at UT. I am an art director, photographer, and graphic designer. I am fluent in a diverse range of visual editing programs such as Photoshop, illustrator, and Rhino. I plan to attend graduate school to study design after completing my bachelor’s degree as well. I have a strong background in design/art history, and I am always following the current trends to step off on the right foot so I can lead my designs to be the next “big” thing....Learn More