2017 Award Winners

  • Kyle Davison

    After both my freshman and sophomore years of college, I have had the opportunity to expand my global horizons as a student. I completed two study abroad programs, one in Beijing, China, and the other in Cape Town, South Africa. During these programs I was given the opportunity to study foreign cultures and volunteer in low income communities. As I plan to graduate from the University of Texas with a BBA degree in Finance, I plan to begin my career in the energy industry. With the use of my analytical, communication, and leadership skills, I plan to assist in the…...Learn More

  • Kory Davison

    As a third year finance major at the University of Texas at Austin, I have been able to use both my academic and social experiences to develop a passion for building a strong support system and establishing resource networks. Through my undergraduate career, I have been given the opportunity to travel to both Beijing, China, and Cape Town, South Africa, where I worked with multiple organizations in order to improve the lives of international students, peers, and professionals. Through academic advising, organizational management, and relationship building, I have created the long term passion for using my academic interests and capabilities…...Learn More

  • Rakiya Cunningham

    I am a third-year Finance major at the University of Texas at Austin. Originally when I came to college—believe it or not– my dream was to be an accountant. I was an Accounting major and interned with KPMG for two summers to realize Accounting wasn’t for me. I loved the company and the course work, but not so much the career. Through my experiences, I was able to discover my interest in strategy and analytics, which lead me to my current interest in finance, focusing in the consumer packaged goods industry. I plan to make a far reaching impact through…...Learn More

  • Amie Jean

    When Andre and Carolle immigrated to the United states from Haiti in 1976 ,they did not foresee a family of thirteen kids or the trials they would endure to ensure we survived. But what they knew and fully understood was the value of hard work. From my parents, I inherited the trait of hard work as the 12th child of 13, pursing a degree in Finance and a certificate in Public Policy at The University of Texas at Austin. I allow the same determination and work ethic to be the driving force behind my college endeavors. I have studied abroad…...Learn More