Kalen McGuire: Spending A Summer That Will Never Be Forgotten

Kalen McGuire, Class of 2018 Developing Future Mentorship Program had a summer to never be forgotten. Kalen traveled to Cape Town, South Africa in a six-week global educational experience. Here are some of the highlights during his trip that have changed his life.

  1. This year I celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Kalen McGuire Birth Independence in Cape Town, South Africa.

  2. In a township of the Western Cape called, Langa, 80+ minority students from UT had dinner in the home/restaurant of a matriarch of the Langa community. She made you feel at home. She fed you. And she greeted you not only in English but in iSixhosa, her native tongue! The atmosphere was perfect, that alone can make an African-American young man (me)  cry tears of belonging!

  3. Working in the townships such as Steinberg, Capricorn, Lavender Hills, and Green Pop was gratifying and humbling. From conducting a photography workshop that introduced a storytelling tool to 10 year olds who cannot afford primary school, to the serving of: warm shredded chicken, cut carrots, celery, lentils, rice all amalgamated in chicken stock, to the village of 37 families who were thrown out of their apartments to sleep outside in plastic tents on cold rainy nights, ranging in ages of 7th month year old babies to 50+ year old grandmothers. Like I said work was gratifying and humbling.

  4. A filled auditorium of Sullivan Primary School students was at my attention. I had the privilege of uplifting and schooling them behind the importance of their own narrative + passion + education = to the reaching their big dreams!

  5. Last but not least, it has been an honor study under VP Dr. Leonard Moore, and to study at the #1 University in Africa!

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