Houston Harvey Storm Relief Drive

Houston has been hit with storm of unprecedented levels. It has been devastating to over 6.5 million Houston citizens, and definitely has hit home for the BLF Foundation. My hometown is currently under evacuation, where people can’t leave if they wanted to.

The BLF Foundation, Young Black Austin, The Great Ones, Encore ATX, and Black Alumni Co-Op are focused on finding solutions to help support the many survivors who need our help. We have a few different solutions on how you can play a part in helping Texas (Houston and Austin).

Item Collection

Encore ATX will be hosting various events throughout the month of September. Each event will be used as a drop off location. Please view our needed items list to figure out what items you can bring to the Encore ATX events to drop off. Each week, we will be dropping off items at one of our designated partners who have troops on the ground, getting these items into the hands of the citizens who need it most.

Item Pick Up

All organizations will be picking up items if you cannot meet at the pick up locations. Please contact (512) 887-8600 for arranging a pick up. Also, you can email harveystormrelief@g0z.3a9.myftpupload.com to arrange a pick up. We will drop off these items amongst all of the other items we collect during all Encore ATX events.


BLF Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non profit, and will be collecting donations throughout the month of September to go toward the purchase of items that are needed for the survivors of Harvey. Every Friday, we will go out and purchase items from our needs list, share pictures of receipts and of our drop off. All of your donations are 501(c)(3) tax deductible and will be going towards a good cause. Donate here to make an impact and partner with us.


  • Water Wader Boots (2-3 feet high)
  • New undergarments (all sizes, children and adult)
  • New socks (all sizes, children and adult)
  • Toiletries (ie: shampoo, facewash, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc.)
  • New bed pillows
  • New blankets
  • Cleanup supplies
  • Black trash bags
  • Mops and buckets
  • Utility knives
  • Leather work gloves
  • Inflatable mattresses
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Box fans
  • Clothing is not needed
  • inflatable rafts
  • baby wipes
  • bottles of water
  • Cliff Bars
  • 3m Masks
  • clean blankets

Organizations We Are Working With

These organizations have troops on the ground and are working constantly to help affected citizens. Your donations and items will be going towards these organizations:


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