Congratulations to Jordan Suber for authoring his first book, Perfectly Perfect: How to Live Your Dream Life

Congratulations to Jordan for publishing his first book, Perfectly Perfect: How To Live Your Dream Life. Jordan is a 2018 Developing Future Leaders Mentorship Program student.

About Jordan

Jordan Suber is from Lawrence, KS and has moved to Austin a little of a year ago now to further his education and his entrepreneurial pursuits. Currently going to school at ACC for psychology and business while participating in Toastmasters among other leaderships groups and spends whatever time he can help his clients through business consulting, life coaching and exercise/diet coaching. When he isn’t buried in school work, side businesses and writing his next book you can find him volunteering for things around ATX like SXSW and many other events. He has a huge passion for helping and being involved in his community as well as trying to make a difference in the world.

About Perfectly Perfect: How to Live Your Dream Life

Much more than a personal development book. This book will help you take control of your life and live it the way that you want to.

With walkthroughs, exercises, and a journal section for you to record your thoughts, growth, and goals.

Your life is perfectly, perfect!It all begins with a positive outlook on life and a lifestyle that matches! Have you been tired of things not going your way? Want more than you have now? Better yet, who do you want to be? Who do you see yourself as? Sick of tired of being sick and tired? Hate working the same job everyday 9-5? Now the real question, Who was you before they told you who you were?

Now that we are thinking about our lives and what it should be.
Do you want to work where ever you want to in the world?Want to learn to love yourself again? Trying to overcome hardships? Set your own schedule and live a happy free life? Be able to help everyone that you want to? But above all, do you want more time for your friends and family?

We will be going to find our life’s passions and “purpose” together. It all begins with you.

This is more than a book, this is a growing experience, a reminder of what you already know. As Tony Robbins would say, “you are your own guru”. I am a firm believer of that, as well as having help along the way.

You are more powerful than you have ever imagined, you just need to be open-minded & reminded.

You will go through, old & new teachings of some the wisest and greatest philosophers, seers, engineers, authors, musician, inspirational speakers and much more people that have helped shape my and your life’s but also the entire world!

We are all in this together, so let’s learn from as many people that we can to not repeat history but change it for the better. If you want to know the future you must create it yourself.

This book is only a reminder of what you already know. You are the ultimate judge on what you choose to take from this.

Much like life, I decided to make this book the same way.

We don’t really have “chapters” in our life but phases we go through. I wanted this to be a book that you could open to any page and gain from it. A book that you can keep and work with your whole life if need be.

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