Congratulations to Ashley Ikwuagwu for Being Accepted to the Panama 2017 Medical Training Institute at UT!

Congratulations to Ashley Ikwuagwu for being accepted to the Winter 2017 Panama Global Medical Training Institute at UT!

Global Medical Training at UT is a student organization that seeks to empower students with the knowledge and awareness of the humanitarian need that exists in the world today by expanding students’ understanding of medicine and life outside the United States. They serve as a forum for students who are interested in international medicine, public health, and humanitarian needs. One of the Global Medical Training objectives is to also create awareness about the lack of access to healthcare, not only in third world countries but also in the local Austin community. Guest speakers are mostly professionals who have dedicated their time to providing free or affordable health care services to the underserved and uninsured.​

Through the BLF Foundation, Ashley has developed her problem solving and team leadership skills necessary to become an emerging young professional.

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