Kalen McGuire: Spending A Summer That Will Never Be Forgotten

Kalen McGuire, Class of 2018 Developing Future Mentorship Program had a summer to never be forgotten. Kalen traveled to Cape Town, South Africa in a six-week global educational experience. Here are some of the highlights during his trip that have changed his life.

  1. This year I celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Kalen McGuire Birth Independence in Cape Town, South Africa.

  2. In a township of the Western Cape called, Langa, 80+ minority students from UT had dinner in the home/restaurant of a matriarch of the Langa community. She made you feel at home. She fed you. And she greeted you not only in English but in iSixhosa, her native tongue! The atmosphere was perfect, that alone can make an African-American young man (me)  cry tears of belonging!

  3. Working in the townships such as Steinberg, Capricorn, Lavender Hills, and Green Pop was gratifying and humbling. From conducting a photography workshop that introduced a storytelling tool to 10 year olds who cannot afford primary school, to the serving of: warm shredded chicken, cut carrots, celery, lentils, rice all amalgamated in chicken stock, to the village of 37 families who were thrown out of their apartments to sleep outside in plastic tents on cold rainy nights, ranging in ages of 7th month year old babies to 50+ year old grandmothers. Like I said work was gratifying and humbling.

  4. A filled auditorium of Sullivan Primary School students was at my attention. I had the privilege of uplifting and schooling them behind the importance of their own narrative + passion + education = to the reaching their big dreams!

  5. Last but not least, it has been an honor study under VP Dr. Leonard Moore, and to study at the #1 University in Africa!

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Congratulations Davionne Needom on her acceptance to the Integrated Master’s of Public Accounting Program at UT

Congratulations to Davionne Needom, 2018 Susan Moore-Fontenot Honorary Scholarship Winner and Class of 2018 Developing Future Leaders Mentorship Program, on her recent acceptance into the iMPA program at UT. We are excited that she will be able to graduate with both her bachelors and masters degree across as 5 year time span while attending UT!

About The Integrated MPA Program

The integrated MPA (iMPA) is a 5-year program designed for current McCombs undergraduates. iMPA students earn a BBA degree in accounting and a Master in Professional Accounting degree. Students save both time and money by taking several graduate courses at undergraduate tuition rates.

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Summer Internships 2018: Where our students are our students working?

We are excited for our students who are taking the opportunity to develop career experiences through internships. Many of our students will be learning new skills working for various employers across the county this summer. Here are a few of the students and internship opportunities they will be involved in this summer.

Class of 2017

Amie Jean, Management Consulting Fellowship – Strategy Team at Thelan Inc.

Camron Goodman, Finance Intern at Dimensional Fund Advisors

Class of 2018

Ethany Thomas, Advisory with the Internal Audit Risk Consulting Group at KPMG

Nkele Nkele, Legislative Intern at Texas House of Representatives

Amarachi Ngwakwe, Website Designer and Social Media Intern at Fund a Future

Adraint Bereal, Art Director Intern at Baker Agency

Azja Stanton, Finance Intern at Bank of America

Taylor Edwards, Legislative Intern for Congressman Bill Flores

Thianny Gonzalez, Launch Intern at Ernest Young

Davionne Needom, Assurance Launch Intern at Ernest Young

Joshua Nyangon, IT Audit and Assurance Summer Associate at KPMG US

Ore Tobun, Senior Student Assistant for Univeristy of Texas ITS

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Spring Graduations for 2018: Where are our students going?

Congratulations to our 2018 Spring Graduates! We are excited about the next chapter for you beyond college. We are grateful for the opportunities to be able to mentor and support your growth and development.

Post-Undergrad Plans


Kastina Fishback – working at KPMG in Dallas, TX

Rakiya Cunningham – working at Shell Oil in Houston, TX

Kory Davison – working at Phillips 66 in Houston, TX

Kyle Davison – working at Phillips 66 in Houston, TX

Bianca Uzoma – attending Medical School

K’Ashley Collins – attending Medical School

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Congratulations to 2017 Richard Fontenot Honorary Scholarship Winners Kory and Kyle Davison on the 2018 Herman Sweatt Legacy Awards

Congratulations to both Kory Davison and Kyle Davison on their recent Sweatt Student Legacy Awards. Both Kory and Kyle are graduating seniors who are being awarded at 32nd Annual Heman Sweatt Symposium Evening of Honors. They are also our 2017 Richard Fontenot Honorary Scholarship Winners and Class of 2017 Developing Future Leaders Mentorship Program.

About the Heman Sweatt Legacy Awards

The Heman Marion Sweatt Legacy Award honors University of Texas at Austin alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends who embody the life and legacy of Heman Marion Sweatt by breaking down barriers and challenging the status quo.

Honorees were selected through a nomination process that was juried by the Heman Sweatt Symposium planning committee, a group of staff, faculty and students in the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement that organizes the annual event. The symposium is named after Heman Marion Sweatt, the first African American student admitted to The University of Texas School of Law, and commemorates the ruling in Sweatt v. Painter that brought an end to segregation at public colleges and universities.

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Beyond the label: How one student is breaking down misconceptions

We are proud of our 2017 Susan Moore-Fontenot Honorary Scholarship Winner and Class of 2017 Developing Future Leaders Mentorship Program Student Amie Jean for sharing her experiences in breaking misconceptions. She was recently interviewed by the Daily Texan magazine, covering her unique experiences and how she is breaking barriers. Read more at the link below.

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Congratulations to Brandon Oke for Acceptance into the LSU-Health Sciences Center-New Orleans, Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, and Public Health Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP)

Congratulations to Class of 2018 Developing Future Leaders Mentorship Program student, Brandon Oke. Brandon has been recently accepted into the LSU-Health Sciences Center-New Orleans, Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, and Public Health Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP).

About the Public Health Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP)

The LSUHSC-New Orleans, Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, and Public Health Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP) is a free, academic summer enrichment program supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The program is designed to improve access to information and resources for college students attending either four-year or community college institutions, who are interested in the health professions. The goal of SHPEP is to support the academic and career development of underrepresented/underserved, and/or rural, and/or disadvantaged students in the health professions, thereby preparing them for a successful application and matriculation to health professions schools. Students of focus include, but are not limited to, individuals who identify as African American/Black, Native American/American Indian, Alaska Native, and Hispanic/Latino, and/or who are from communities of socioeconomic and educational disadvantage. Formerly known as the Summer Medical and Dental Education Program (SMDEP), the SHPEP was expanded in 2016 to include a broader scope of health professions.

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Congratulations to Jordan Suber for authoring his first book, Perfectly Perfect: How to Live Your Dream Life

Congratulations to Jordan for publishing his first book, Perfectly Perfect: How To Live Your Dream Life. Jordan is a 2018 Developing Future Leaders Mentorship Program student.

About Jordan

Jordan Suber is from Lawrence, KS and has moved to Austin a little of a year ago now to further his education and his entrepreneurial pursuits. Currently going to school at ACC for psychology and business while participating in Toastmasters among other leaderships groups and spends whatever time he can help his clients through business consulting, life coaching and exercise/diet coaching. When he isn’t buried in school work, side businesses and writing his next book you can find him volunteering for things around ATX like SXSW and many other events. He has a huge passion for helping and being involved in his community as well as trying to make a difference in the world.

About Perfectly Perfect: How to Live Your Dream Life

Much more than a personal development book. This book will help you take control of your life and live it the way that you want to.

With walkthroughs, exercises, and a journal section for you to record your thoughts, growth, and goals.

Your life is perfectly, perfect!It all begins with a positive outlook on life and a lifestyle that matches! Have you been tired of things not going your way? Want more than you have now? Better yet, who do you want to be? Who do you see yourself as? Sick of tired of being sick and tired? Hate working the same job everyday 9-5? Now the real question, Who was you before they told you who you were?

Now that we are thinking about our lives and what it should be.
Do you want to work where ever you want to in the world?Want to learn to love yourself again? Trying to overcome hardships? Set your own schedule and live a happy free life? Be able to help everyone that you want to? But above all, do you want more time for your friends and family?

We will be going to find our life’s passions and “purpose” together. It all begins with you.

This is more than a book, this is a growing experience, a reminder of what you already know. As Tony Robbins would say, “you are your own guru”. I am a firm believer of that, as well as having help along the way.

You are more powerful than you have ever imagined, you just need to be open-minded & reminded.

You will go through, old & new teachings of some the wisest and greatest philosophers, seers, engineers, authors, musician, inspirational speakers and much more people that have helped shape my and your life’s but also the entire world!

We are all in this together, so let’s learn from as many people that we can to not repeat history but change it for the better. If you want to know the future you must create it yourself.

This book is only a reminder of what you already know. You are the ultimate judge on what you choose to take from this.

Much like life, I decided to make this book the same way.

We don’t really have “chapters” in our life but phases we go through. I wanted this to be a book that you could open to any page and gain from it. A book that you can keep and work with your whole life if need be.

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Congratulations to Rakiya Cunningham for being recognized as The Best & Brightest Business Majors – Class of 2018

Congratulations to Rakiya Cunningham, 2017 Susan Moore-Fontenot Honorary Scholarship Winners and Class of 2017 Developing Future Leaders Mentorship Program, for being recognized as a Class of 2018 Best & Brightest Business Majors. We are excited to see her growth as she graduates from college. Learn more about Rakiya’s interview and background via the interview with Poets and Quants for Undergrad.

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Interest Meeting for the BLF Foundation’s Developing Future Leaders Mentorship Program

The BLF Foundation is enlisting your help to develop the next generation of leaders through our “Developing Future Leaders” Mentorship Program. Come join us at the Austin Public Library North Village Branch for a mentorship program information session to learn more about our year long mentorship program.

Each mentor will be matched with a selected student from our scholarship applicant pool for a year, beginning in January. Once a month, we will meet and complete 10 professional development topics to support the growth and development of the students in the mentorship program. You will get to work hands on with them, as well as arrange outside activities with your student based upon shared interests. As a mentor and student pair, you will also complete a service project.

There are a variety of reasons to become a mentor:

• Become a “big brother or sister”

• Create countless memories

• Experience a sense of pride in another individual’s progression in life

• Give back to the community

• Help assist a younger version of yourself

There will be 10 scheduled workshops, that focus on a different focal area that impacts college students. Open discussion is encouraged as different viewpoints can help students understand various ways to tackle situations. After each scheduled meeting, students will complete a “homework” activity to demonstrate mastery and also build a portfolio which shows evidence of their unique value proposition to employers.

Look forward to seeing you at our information session!

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