2017 Scholarship Deadline Extension

To All Prospective Students:

Thanks so much in advance for applying to the Susan Moore-Fontenot and Richard Fontenot Honorary Scholarships. The deadline for scholarships submissions has been extended to December 31st 2017 at 11:59 PM CST, with the winner of each scholarship finding out on January 15, 2017.  Scholarship monetary awards will be distributed by January 28th to the University of Texas at Austin, Hutson Tillotson University, or Austin Community College District financial office. Scholarship technology awards will be given at the first Developing Future Leaders Mentorship Program Module.

Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions.

BLF Foundation

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Congratulations to Ashley Ikwuagwu for Being Accepted to the Panama 2017 Medical Training Institute at UT!

Congratulations to Ashley Ikwuagwu for being accepted to the Winter 2017 Panama Global Medical Training Institute at UT!

Global Medical Training at UT is a student organization that seeks to empower students with the knowledge and awareness of the humanitarian need that exists in the world today by expanding students’ understanding of medicine and life outside the United States. They serve as a forum for students who are interested in international medicine, public health, and humanitarian needs. One of the Global Medical Training objectives is to also create awareness about the lack of access to healthcare, not only in third world countries but also in the local Austin community. Guest speakers are mostly professionals who have dedicated their time to providing free or affordable health care services to the underserved and uninsured.​

Through the BLF Foundation, Ashley has developed her problem solving and team leadership skills necessary to become an emerging young professional.

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L.ove I.nspires T.ogetherness Initiative: Holiday Edition

Through the collaboration of The Great Ones, Encore ATX, BLF Foundation, and Black Alumni Austin, we present the LIT Initiative. LIT stands for “love inspires togetherness.” We seek to unify the community through acts of love. This holiday season, we will focus on giving back to the homeless community located in Downtown Austin.
As we end another blessed year, we want to give back to those who are less fortunate. We will be preparing lunch bags with sandwiches, chips, water, and a letter of inspiration for the homeless.
The event will take place on Saturday, November 18th from 12PM – 4PM at Huston-Tillotson University in the Dickey Lawless Auditorium. We need your help packing the lunch bags and handing them out. Our goal is to provide 200 lunch bags for the homeless.
12PM – 2PM: We will be making the lunch bags at HT University in the Dickey Lawless Auditorium.
2PM – 12PM: We will make our way towards downtown Austin and begin handing out the lunch bags.
Light refreshments will be provided for the volunteers. You will also be able to learn more about each of our organizations.
We also need your help with donations. The items we need to be donated are bread, lunch meat, individually wrapped chips, and water. If you wish to donate, please sign up here https://goo.gl/o86APx.
If you wish to donate but can’t make the event, please contact Brandon Boone for a pick-up at 318-415-9928 or Brandon@WetheGreatOnes.com. You can also contact Brandon if you have any questions or concerns.
You can also donate online by clicking on the product below.
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Results of Hurricane Harvey Relief Drive

Thanks so much to everyone who donated to the BLF Foundation, Young Black Austin, We The Great Ones, Encore ATX, and Black Alumni Austin Fundraiser to support Hurricane Harvey victims. Thanks to your support, we gave over $2,000 of in-kind donations to support those affected. The Greater Houston Area has been deeply impacted by your generosity. Houston still needs your continual support as they continue to rebuild the city after this hurricane. Please stay tuned for future volunteer opportunities as we seek to continue to give back to support our local communities!

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Congratulations to Amie Jean for Being Inducted to the Texas Orange Jacket Society!

Congratulations to Amie Jean for being inducted to the Texas Orange Jacket Society!

Orange Jackets is the oldest honorary service organization at the University of Texas. The core tenets of the organization are excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service. Since its inception in 1923, OJs have been actively serving both UT and the greater Austin community. Members of Orange Jackets are easily recognized at campus events by their burnt orange vests emblazoned with a white “T” on the side pocket. Orange Jackets have been sporting this uniform ever since the UT v. OU game that took place on November 17, 1923. Every woman who becomes an Orange Jacket receives her vest at the end of her Tappee year.

Through our Developing Future Leaders Mentorship Program, Amie has demonstrated the characteristics of scholarship, leadership, and service. Amie thanks BLF Foundation for helping to grow these qualities through our mentorship sessions.

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Congratulations to our 2017 Mentorship Cohort Accepting Full Time Job Offers!

Congratulations our mentees in the to our 2017 Developing Future Leaders Mentorship Program Cohort accepting full time job offers. Three of our rising senior students have officially signed offers for full time careers upon graduating in Spring 2018.

Congratulations are in store for the following:

  • Rakiya Cunningham will be taking a finance position, working at Shell in Houston, TX after graduating Spring 2018
  • Kory Davison will be taking a finance position, working at Phills66 in Houston, TX after graduating Spring 2018
  • Kyle Davison will be entering a leadership management trainee program, working at Phills66 in Houston, TX after graduating Spring 2018

We are excited for the next chapter for our students, as they seek out to be leaders in their careers. The future workforce entrants noted “The BLF Foundation has helped and prepared us to ensure we can be successful in our full time careers”

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Baytonian in Austin Pitches in to help victims of Harvey

The Baytown Sun ran an article on Wednesday, September 20, 2017 on the Hurricane Relief Efforts supporting the City of Baytown, through the BLF Foundation, Young Black Austin, Encore ATX, Black Alumni Co-Op, and The Great Ones. We have raised over thousands of dollars in donations to support those affected by the recent hurricanes. So thankful that our collective efforts were able to impact those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Baytown, TX. Let’s continue to help others!

Learn more on how to help below.

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Award Recipient of the 2017 Austin Into 50 on Fire Awards

Thanks to everyone who voted for BLF Foundation for the Austin Inno’s 50 on Fire Award. We are truly humbled to be an award recipient for 2017. It is truly an honor to work with many others through the BLF Foundation to change the lives of countless college students. The team that has helped create sustain innovation through the Foundation is truly remarkable!

About Austin Inno's 50 on Fire Awards

50 on Fire is a celebration of innovators, big and small, people and organizations, across multiple categories. Though Austin Inno primarily covers the city’s thriving tech, education, and startup communities, we understand that these sectors don’t have an exclusiveness on innovation. The unbelievably talented graphic designer at your agency is innovative. The enterprise company that helps fuel your small business is innovative. The non-profit you donate to is innovative. Your favorite food truck is innovative.

Innovation is everywhere in Austin and 50 on Fire is a celebration of it.

See the list of 2017 winners here: https://www.americaninno.com/austin/introducing-austin-innos-2017-50-on-fire/

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Second Friday of the BLF Foundation Donation Drive

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far to the BLF Foundation, Young Black Austin, The Great Ones, Encore ATX, and Black Alumni Austin efforts to help those in need due to Houston Harvey Storm Relief Drive.

For the Second Friday morning of our relief drive, we dropped off over $600 worth of items for those affected! Please continue to donate to BLF Foundation if you cannot donate items during Encore ATX events. Every Friday, we are making tax free purchases that every dollar turns into donations.

We were interviewed by the Baytown Sun for a last drop off in Baytown, TX, regarding our relief drive efforts. Look for more information to come soon!

Feel free to donate below. Thank you so much for your partnership!


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