Annual Scholarship

Two scholarships given annually to assist students with the cost of attending college.

Mentorship Program

Year long mentorship program for scholarship winners and selected applicants.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Opportunities to donate and partner with BLF Foundation, getting access to quality applicants for career opportunities

The mission of the BLF Foundation is to provide minority college students with mentorship and scholarship opportunities in an effort to help advance our future leaders.

Every year, there are millions of college students that embark upon a collegiate degree. Statistically, minority students struggle with retention at most colleges and universities.*The six-year graduation rate for most minority students is 43%. The 43% of minority graduates represents only 14-16% of the total US population of minorities. Between 1995 and 2015, among blacks, the percentage with bachelor’s degrees went up by only six percentage points, from 15 to 21 percent, and for Hispanics it had risen seven percentage points, from 9 to 16 percent. 

BLF Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded to address the need for mentorship and scholarship of minority students. Through our Annual Richard Fontenot and Susan Moore-Fontenot Honorary Scholarship, we are able to assist with the many costs of attending college. To ensure that these students have the best guidance during their collegiate years, we pair them with mentors and perform professional development seminars monthly during the course of a calendar year in our Developing Future Leaders Mentorship Program to help them gain perspective and wisdom on how to navigate their undergraduate career and successfully master the corporate world.

* Zinshteyn, Mikhail. The Hechinger Report. Web. 26 June 2016. <>

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